20140122_151248 20140122_151224     I’ve been wanting to collect some more BADAB WAR armies for a few years now, and have had lists written over the years. But spending the money on redundant toys has kept it as just a creative idea. Keeping up with the constantly changing game seemed daunting. I’m busy. I’m a slow painter at times. I finally decided to make the investment, and put together a plan for how I want to play 40K now. For my HOUSE 40K BADAB WAR CAMPAIGNS, I’ll be using all of the rules published around the 5th Edition 40K, including the 4th Edition expansions and Codex, we would’ve used during that era. I’ll collect some of the armies, and have the whole thing ready to play for my friends to come over and jump into the games! 

     Initially I thought I’d collect a LAMENTERS detachment. As more and more great models and kits have come out over the years, I’m glad I waited! I really want a mech build. Rhinos, Razorbacks. A Jump Pack heavy army would make more sense, as I’ve got mech armies already. More and more I was determined that the army would be my new main army to play with, and such. As 40K 6th EDITION came, it just didn’t seem feasible to collect another big SPACE MARINE army, when I’ve got several mech based armies already painted, or that could use a few more models finished. The prices have been out of hand for years, and I had many projects that I could work on. I have collected some other games and models in the meantime. But every so often, I think about BADAB again, and wish my STAR PHANTOMS had a foe to battle. I reread the ZONE MORTALIS rules, and then pulled out my IMPERIAL ARMOUR BADAB WAR set (9-10), and did some research. Inspired by my DEADZONE terrain, and the BATTLESYSTEMS terrain I helped fund, I’m excited about doing some smaller battles using the Boarding Action rules. The WAR has years and years worth battles and stories to play out. Ship to ship boarding action and other similar environments for cool, different battles to incorporate into the campaign. Missions between regular CAMAPAIGN BATTLES. That is the vision I have, one day of a collection of several of the armies. Lots of painted terrain,several environments to fight in. Ultimately I don’t want to rely on others, to share the vision. It is an expensive, and time consuming project, with no real rewards, unless you count pursuing fun. These wont be competitive armies, just themed, specially painted SPACE MARINE armies in different colors. I want friends of various experience levels to be able to show up here and just read a little intro and start gaming. I’ll keep the armies very simple, not an abundance of special rules or killer combos. The upgrades will be sparse, and the models equipped to fight each other. But they will be magnetized, and the squads can be filled out as the points level escalates for future scenarios. After some reading, I decided this first project would revolve around ship to ship type conflicts based around the battle in the OPTERA system between the LAMENTERS and the MINOTAURS.

     It would be cool to have small detachments of all of the BADAB WAR armies, or have a few and have some other FANATICS participate, who are willing to build and paint era appropriate themed SPACE MARINES armies. In many cases, chapters would be working together as allies, like as in 40K 6th Edition. To get things started I decided to devise a little campaign, collect build, paint and prepare the scenarios. I really enjoy the color plates in the IMPERIAL ARMOUR books, and I’d like to have my collection resemble these concepts. Any SPACE MARINE enthusiast wants a chance to use some of newly released ARMOUR Marks. Mixing, matching, creating themed squads utilizing a multitude of kits, and parts. The armies will consist of Infantry and Walkers. To start, I’ll just do 1000 points of each detachment. I have some space marine kits, not being used. A couple of Land Raiders, some Dreadnaughts. I could flesh out the squads, easily enough. Maybe even up to 2000 points each. Or move on to another project.

     I hope to achieve the following things in this Mini-Campaign:

1) Create a simple, successful campaign that will remembered as fun.

2)  Collect, build and paint some fun themed SPACE MARINE DETACHMENTS.

3) Create the foundation of a Campaign that can be expanded upon.

4) Make it easy for some one to pick up and play, learn a few rules as they go and just enjoy rolling some dice and moving some models around.

Several packages arrived today, and here we go! Next I’ll post the lists, what I ordered and what I’ve gotten done so far!



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