20140125_150730Just a quick update on my progress. I got the MINOTAUR TERMINATOR ASSAULT SQUAD built. I researched buying round Spartan style shields, Forgeworld  MINOTAUR SPACE MARINE shoulder pads. Not only were these items a significant expense, I decided I didn’t like or need them that much. I probably wont extend this force beyond 1500-2000 points. I like the clean simple examples in the IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10, of the MINOTAUR ASSAULT SQUAD. I chose the least ornamented legs, trimmed the spotlight from the armor ,and choose the standard eagle chest plates for the 5 man ASSAULT SQUAD. I decided to go with all Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, as it was a free exchange from Lightening Claws, and they kick ass! I wanted the sparsest decorations on the Armour, so I’d have room to apply the MINOTAURS decals. Technically the MINOTAURS would be the attackers in the Blood in the Void mini-campaign, so I posed them as they might be getting ready to attack. And they look cool in a squad, as they have complimentary poses. It came out good. I lightly glued the shield arm, so I can remove it for painting, I just want to see how they look first.


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