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Battle of Optera PART 6

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on February 14, 2014 by doublek666

     Feeling much better now, so I can fill in some of the details of the CAMPAIGN. I have some new war-game terrain for some SPACE HULK/ZONE MORTALIS type skirmishes. I have been wanting to have a LAMENTERS/BLOOD ANGELS army for years.  The Battle of Optera offers a chance to run the Blood in the Void rules and scenarios as a Campaign representing the fall of the LAMENTERS at the end of IMPERIAL ARMOUR Volume 9, at the Battle of Optera. The MINOTAURS are the main adversary it seems for these battles, so cool, some MINOTAURS it is! This was kind of a FANTASY PROJECT, I’ve wanted to do for years, but hadn’t narrowed done how. I wanted armies in the ‘official’ new color schemes. I’m no longer worried about using them for whatever the current rules edition would be. We’d be playing on my table, what rules I decide!  People show up and play. Me or each other, and I’ll GM the battles.

Back when I first read issue #101 of the WHITE DWARF, there was mainly MK VI Armour, so I went for that theme with STAR PHANTOMS, when the FORGE WORLD Armour sets for II-VI came out, I knew I wanted some of those! So I finally broke down and ordered some sets I thought would fit in with this project. More on those later as I complete more squads! I decided I would build two brand new 1000 point infantry based strike forces for these scenarios, armies that could  be easily expanded for with transports and tanks for bigger battles. I ordered about what I needed plus a few extra. After all was said and done, with a few bits I had, and some unit upgrades and reshuffling, I’ll be building two 1500 point armies just for this campaign! Can’t wait till spring so I can start working the airbrush a bit! So for the armies, I’ve kept it fairly simple, as I’d like to be able to include casual gamers as well, so each force has a couple HQ’s with a few special rules, some assault squads, an elite choice, a Tactical squad and a Terminator squad. I plan to keep the Paintjobs nice and simple where possible, not looking for awards, just a fun project. More when I’ve done something!


Battle of Optera Part 5 MALAKIM PHOROS

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on February 13, 2014 by doublek666

Due to being under the weather, and trying to finish writing an album with my band, I have not been able to work on my project. I did, however complete work on an HQ unit for my LAMENTERS SPACE MARINES, Malakim Phoros. He is the LAMENTERS chapter Master, known as the Lord of Ruin. He is believed to have been slain in the final battles of Optera aboard the Battle Barge, DAUGHTER OF TEMPESTS. Ultimately I’ve come to believe that WARHAMMER 40K is best presented in a somewhat focused format, not necessarily for balance purposes, it is just too expensive to serve as a Pokémon style catch em’20140205_130132 all type game trying to stay ‘competitive’. Malakim is armed with an INFERNO PISTOL and GLAIVE ENCARMINE. His rules demoralize his opponents and his rules strengthen his fellows resolve.

Battle of Optera BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN Part 4

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on February 6, 2014 by doublek666

20140206_010407In my last post I had received my ASSAULT TERMINATORS, and worked out my MINOTAUR squad. Soon after that the boxes began to arrive. Within a few days all of the items I purchased for this project had arrived. I put together the LAMENTERS TERMINTOR to fit in with the SPACE HULK TERMINATORS, ultimately, as part of a larger collection. I haven’t included them in this campaign. I want to remove the molded bases, but that can wait. The LAMENTERS TERMINATORS will be more decorated and weathered, while the MINOTAURS will have sparse decorations, and cool decals from FORGEWORLD.