Battle of Optera Part 5 MALAKIM PHOROS

Due to being under the weather, and trying to finish writing an album with my band, I have not been able to work on my project. I did, however complete work on an HQ unit for my LAMENTERS SPACE MARINES, Malakim Phoros. He is the LAMENTERS chapter Master, known as the Lord of Ruin. He is believed to have been slain in the final battles of Optera aboard the Battle Barge, DAUGHTER OF TEMPESTS. Ultimately I’ve come to believe that WARHAMMER 40K is best presented in a somewhat focused format, not necessarily for balance purposes, it is just too expensive to serve as a Pokémon style catch em’20140205_130132 all type game trying to stay ‘competitive’. Malakim is armed with an INFERNO PISTOL and GLAIVE ENCARMINE. His rules demoralize his opponents and his rules strengthen his fellows resolve.


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