Battle of Optera Part 7

     It is tough to jump back into my project after a month of almost no activity due to being severely ill with a flu like virus, I have cracked open the BADAB WAR Imperial Armour Books and have been inspired to start building out some of the squads for my expanded army lists. I went from 1000 to 1500 points per Strike Force. With the amount of extra bits and parts I have around, I found I could fill out both strike teams with a few upgrades included. I gave the troops more shooting and close combat weapons. I’m mulling the idea of magnetizing the jump packs for switching out for various scenarios and expanded forces for larger battles. It would make it easier and cheaper if I just committed to gluing on jump packs, but it is not hard to find the right size magnets and create the option  to add regular backpacks later so they can ride in transports and be more versatile for the coming years. Since this project came to a halt anyway, why not hold off and do the magnetizing. Just on the packs for now, I don’t want to be to tedious with arm swaps or what ever.

     I found my notes and army lists. I had planned on using mainly Mk II armour variants for my three 5 man MINOTAUR SPACE MARINE Assault Squads with Jump packs. I’ll definitely use the Mk II Jump Packs for these squads for consistency, but I’m not sure about the make up of the squads. When I envisioned using the Forge World Armour Mk variants, I thought about artwork I’d seen in various SPACE MARINE CODEX. Each troop with slightly different combination of armour. Even within the sets there are variations, so to have every MARINE completely unique is very feasible. The individuals and squads will be tied together with iconography, colors and markings and cohesive as a strike force. Perhaps some squads are merely thrown together from remnants, in the case of the LAMENTERS at  least, as they suffer defeat, historically. I’m especially inspired by the graphics in the books, as I feel these are the most recent, and most official representations of this old bit of story, now more fully expanded. I know there are many stories to tell in this framework. Starting with The Battle of Optera I’d like to extrapolate on the themes in some short stories and ultimately official novels. If that might ever happen, it is an idea much inspired by STAR WARS and THE CLONE WARS series and back story.

My first MINOTAUR is inspired by Assault Leader Isskar a Veteran Brother credited with the capture of the SUSPIRIS LOX. More on that later, but I recreated him as a Sgt. for one of my MINOTAUR Assault Squads. He’s armed with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. Maybe I’ll create a model for all of the pictured MARINES to represent the individuality of the Squads within the strike force. This is definitely the fun part, kit bashing all of the sets I purchased for this project, and the nice selection of bits I had on hand to create a diverse collection of unique models for this Campaign. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I have started on a much smaller scale than I had originally been inspired to recreate, but certainly a significant bit of work. And a great foundation to inspire some of my friends, who could easily assemble at least one Strike Force to participate in the Battle of Optera Campaign!20140313_07280320140313_072630 Or some other battle or scenario in this Campaign setting.


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