Battle of Optera Part 8

20140318_112118     I was able to take the night off from band rehearsal and started building out my MINOTAURS SPACE MARINE Tactical Squad. I based the Sgt. off of Veteran Sgt. Geryon from IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10. The Tactical Squad is mainly composed of the Mk III Iron Armour variant, with a few swaps here and there. The kits didn’t come with Bolters or weapons, so I’ve cobbled together a flamer, missile launcher and some bolters. As I’m building them, I’m wondering if I should order some bolters for them, or if I’ll have enough on hand. Maybe these guys need a special gun. I wont be gluing them at this time, so I can leave the arms unglued, (just pinned) for now. They look really cool, and I’m trying to add some subtle differences  while building them, and some later details will help distinguish them. This squad will look great with a simple paint job, and the decals. Looking forward to the rain ceasing around here in Seattle, it has been raining for two months. It is driving me crazy! I want to get out side and do some work with my airbrush. I’ve got a lot of models to assemble for now so I’ll try to focus on getting both of the Strike Forces built for this mini Campaign.


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