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Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on June 24, 2014 by doublek666

Due to ongoing ADULT RESPONSIBILTIES, I have been unable to work on my project. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though! I have made a significant investment in the BATTLE OF OPTERA project. I am fortunate to have the resources to pay for something like this. This year has challenged me in many ways, ways I never thought would all come at me at once sometimes. Some are good, some are bad. Just life. My life has been just work, lately, with a little break around the end of March for EMERALD CITY COMIC CON. I continue to watch as WARHAMMER 40K has changed Editions again! I just can’t see myself trying to keep with the constant changes, unfortunately I just have that kind of free time! If and when I do, it will be on a limited scale. Focus on one army, that I have already. I have other games I’m interested in being able to participate in. And I’d like to start attending and participating in some Conventions, and Tournaments of some kind, again maybe next year. For now I’ll try to finish the new album with my band, continue putting myself in a better financial position to take more time off. I have recently felt the desire to paint up a few squads, I might just paint up some unfinished SPACE WOLVES for my occasional 5th Edition 40K battles with my friend Tom! I’m sure the BATTLE FOR OPTERA project will see some work soon! Until then!