BATTLE OF OPTERA PART 10-BADAB WAR PROJECT LOG and some of my other projects


Almost a year ago I took a break from my BADAB WAR project. It is difficult to start and stop a project. In that time some other elements of the project arrived, namely some more great terrain. I’m finally excited to get back to work on my BATLLE OF OPTERA project. Ultimately I’d like to base lots of fun games and campaigns around this war. For now I’d like to focus on this specific aspect of the concept. I want to complete this project this year Then I’ll move on to some of the many other games and projects I’d like to work on. Since I’ve yet to really finish anything in the last couple of years, this will be a challenge. I will start documenting weekly my progress. For now, I’m re-organizing the elements of the project. I’ll start by finishing off the build-outs of the squads. Then figure out some paint schemes and techniques to use. Due to my lack of time and energy I’ll realistically have for this, and to really get it done this year to the standard I envision, I need to do my home work. I have a general idea of how I want my miniatures to look. I just have to make sure I’m find the techniques to get the best and fastest results. I want to play these games. But I want the miniatures to look stunning. They might be part of a larger force some day, but for now I should take some time on them. I’ll be looking for some advice on PAINTING LAMENTERSSPACE MARINES and PAINTING MINOTAUR SPACE MARINES.20140122_151224  I’ve made a bit of progress of my ICE WORLD TABLE, for use in special scenarios with my SPACE WOLVES, there are some climate themed rules and missions. I have one small section 2’X2″ For my WARLORD SAVAGE NORTH project I started building some of my WOOD ELF army. I’ve had a couple of wood elf projects. I sold one off a few years back, and have found a very cool way to use the WOOD ELF ARMY BOX  from GW about 12 years ago.  I bought it as a gift for my wife to get her into Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Of course I haven’t quite gotten around to painting it!  but I was intrigued by the cover art for the game WARLORD SAVAGE NORTH. In that book are various factions. The TEMBRITHIL WOOD ELVES seemed cool, and the REAPER models are cool. But I figured I could repurpose my GW army for this game, using a winter paint scheme, and play on my Winter/Ice world Battle Board. I also have several other rule-sets in mind the models will be based and built compatibly with. The things I’d like to achieve as a hobbyist are more about collecting ICONIC armies usable in various games, and less and less about specific games and companies. I like to create an army that is usable in more than one game. My next post will have more about the WOOD ELF army project.20140921_181452

Finally I did manage to get some paint on my SISTERS OF BATTLE EXORCICSTS, some more washes and some final details and these should be ready for war!20141118_110257


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