My name is Kelly Shane Kuciemba. I work as a chef, and play guitar in a death metal band. I am married to Nanette and we have a cat named Cupid.

    The ‘Badab War’ is a campaign setting for the strategic, tabletop, miniatures war-game WARHAMMER 40,000 and it’s expansions

    Why? Why would anyone care about this site ‘Badab War Journal’, what is this about? If you are reading this you either know why and are so passionate, that you are checking out the qualifications of this person expressing an interest in something you love as well, or some one who stumbled upon this by accident(turn back now, in that case or die of utter boredom!) Around the year 1987 I discovered a hobby magazine, WHITE DWARF, while exploring a Hobby store near a record shop I’d visited in Ballard, Washinton, U.S.A. Soon, I began collecting this magazine, dreaming of the fantastic games and miniatures pictured, written and advertised about. The magazine included many games from many makers, but the most interesting were the WARHAMMER models, and I started with 3rd edition WARHAMMER, collected Goblins and Dwarfs, and never really played, as the rules seemed lengthy and I had no table. But I painted and bulit armies, and was learning about the game and how to play. One issue of the magazine had a very brief yet, evocative, article about a conflict involving chapters of different Space Marines.It had interesting paint schemes, and camoflauge/campaign variations. This was 1988 and it was WHITE DWARF issue 101. Rogue Trader:Warhammer 40K had been out for about a year, the RTB01, first plastic box set was around, and the magazine had articles and Golden Demon galleries showing cool painted armies, and squads. The article, called “Index Astartes” From the Imperial History Archive-The Badab War was a short six paragraphs and two pages of illustrated color guides for painting MkVI Space Marine armour, with some alternate schemes for camoflauge and special campaigns, with some historic footnotes giving a ‘realistic’ feel to the whole thing, like; ‘Angstrom Incident-Pursuit Squad’, ‘Tranquility Campaign-Sniper Unit’, and the good old ‘Sons of Medusa-Desert World Support Squad’. These pictures made you imagine what a whole squad or even battle group would like like painted up and in action! Some of these ideas and paint schemes would turn up again, later in fan made sites, Forge World books, Black Library books, a 2005 Dark Stars campaign weekend, and the BoLS campaign PDF. Then, out of nowhere, Forge World dedicated 2 volumes of it’s Imperial Armour expansion series, giving us the ‘official’ background, and some great campaign rules, new army lists, special characters, vehicles, and even a few models. The Red Scorpions have been a featured chapter in several IA books, and there are a good many upgrades bits available from Forge World.

    In summary, this piece of history has become sacred to many of us long-time fans of this game and it’s history. Sure it is all about the Imperium and Space Marines. But there is the ability to use Imperial Guard units as a loyalist or seccessionist. Also the new campaign gives options for using other armies for one off battles. Early in the games history, there weren’t as many Xenos or Chaos models available, so they’re a little left out in this one conflict. But there are an abundace of stories out there for that, in the Codex and rule books now. This is nostalgic, Star Wars/Starship Troopers style inspiration. Now we have the tables, the terrain the models, the rules, to really do what we dreamed of years ago. Something I can keep on the side, in between pick-up games and tournaments, my own ‘Clone Wars’ style setting to tinker around in, battling over whatever macguffins seem appropriate in the rich setting, for stories armies and endless campaigns. Maybe ultimately a huge Palace of Thorns, Apocalyptic Planetsike Seige battle with a special fortress and table.  Stay tuned….


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