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Battle of Optera Part 9

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20140331_202024I’m currently on vacation, and getting ready for the EMERALD CITY COMIC CON, here in Seattle. My wife and I have a WORLDMARK RESORT called the Camlin, two blocks from the WASHINGTON STATE CONVENTION CENTER(where the main Show is held). I worked at the CONVENTION for 8 years, so I know my way around. And parking will be tough, unless you’re there early. And it is expensive.  Nanette and I have a room booked for the week, so we’ll be back and forth a little, before the show starts on Friday. I played a game of WARHAMMER 40K last week, and squeezed out a win with my SPACE WOLVES, against Toms’ CHAOS SPACE MARINES. We played a standard Extermination battle with standard deployment. As we’d hardly get a chance to play, it was fine just doing a real simple points match. The list I wrote beforehand, lent itself better to that kind of battle, anyway. I forgot to take pictures, or take any notes. I had a mobile Mechwolves list, with a Wolf lord and some Wolf guard Terminators in a Landraider Crusader. Two Razorbacks (one with TL Las), a TL Las Predator with Las Sponsons, for a Longfangs squad, and some Power Armor Wolf guard (two with Lightening Claws) two Runepriests, and three Greyhunter squads in Rhinos. Tom had a Demon Prince, some other badass warlord, a bunch of Obliterators, some troops in Rhinos, some Dreads, a Sorcerer, and Some Raptors. We fought it down to the last few men, but I won on points by one, the hero of my Strike force was the Landraider Crusader who withstood withering fire, but mad it intact to the end of the game, my Longfangs performed admirably as well.

I am very near to finishing my MINOTAURS Sternguard squad. Sorting through the bits took some time, and deciding on the look and weapon load out took some thought. Since the scenarios are Infantry Vs. Infantry, I figured the Heavy Bolters would be a fun choice on my squad. The Sgt. is armed with a Power Axe, and Plasma pistol. These squads aren’t intended for current meta, pick-up/tournament competition, but easy to use, Strike Forces, for this specific mini-campaign. That saves a lot of head ache when building the squads, relieves any pressure of having a ‘good’ list to play with. I think just playing these games, switching armies, etc. will be fun, as there is less emotional attachment for the players with provided forces, set in a specific situation, and the focus can be on playing, not list building. These armies will be easy to add to, and I have ideas and models on hand. I probably wont work on this squad again until next week, so I’ll just post this W.I.P. shot for now!


Seize Ground Part 2

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Thomas deployed behind ruins. I moved up to cover two objectives and brought in my Terminators and Librarian. He got a Rhino on the third and brought his Rhinos up, one in cover near the center of the action and the other towards the left side objective. I wrecked the first Rhino with concentrated missile fire then blasted the troops with the Vindicator. The Vindicator got blasted on the next turn and his Obliterators took out one of my Rhinos killing a guy. His Terminators and Sorcerer teleported in right in the midst of the battle thanks to his Icons. So, on my turn I peppered his squad with bolters, storm bolters, missiles, and Vindicator shot, then assaulted with my  Epistolary Librarian (Qucikening and Might of the Ancients powers) and Terminator squad. My Legion of the Damned scattered on the first roll, then scattered on the re-roll causing a mishap! Thomas got to place them on his back edge of the table, in range of his Obliterators. I marched them forth, got shot to pices, but eventually shot and wiped out some remnant squads and held tough till the end. I wrecked another Rhino, during my Terminator/Libraian multi assault, but lost my Vindicators. He eneded up claiming an objective, and I may have gotten a draw in a 7th turn. Overall very good game I killed his Terminators, Demon Prince, Sorcerer, 2 Rhinos, Obilterator squad, almost got a draw, despite some bad choices and mistakes. I was a little to aggressive with the Vindicators, leaving them in the position to get blasted, before getting many shots. That and missing a flamer-shot from misplacement and didn’t see/remember my Heavy Flamer for some reason. My Librarian nullified his Sorcerers and Demon Princes psychic attempts six times in a row, and one of my Sgt’s. with a power sword heroically whittled down some Chaos Space Marines  his squad was assaulted by.  This army will be painted soon, named and weathered, with decals and the works. I’m just about done building a 2000 points Sisters of Battle army, then I’ll paint the STAR PHANTOMS!


Ready for War!

STAR PHANTOMS;Mission 1 Seize Ground

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Star Phantoms Battle Force

First 2000 points in progress, ready to try out on the battlefield

    My goal for the battle reports on the blog, is to have fully painted BADAB WAR themed armies playing out  Warhammer 40K campaigns, Planet Strike/Cities Of Death/Apocalypse/Battle Missions/Boarding Actions/Kill Team games. The armies will be fully painted, weathered/damaged. The game board will be fully painted and detailed. The missions, vehicles, and characters/troops will be named. I will create a Tyrants Legion(using Lamenters instead of Astral Claws), utilising my Imperial Guard army that needed a theme anyway, and the infantry (about 100 guys) are

Battle Report 1a

War Zone

built. I have a nice selection of unbuilt/used/painted I.G. and Space Marine vehicles and units to utilise, including some Land Raiders, a Baneblade, a Chimera,  a Leman Russ, Dreadnaughts. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy all year with these projects, and eventually the battle reports. I’ll use these to start writing short stories telling the outcomes of the battles.  My first army is the STAR PHANTOMS.

    With everything built, based and primed, I was looking forward to play testing this 2000 point STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines list. This would be my first time using my two Vindicators. The army is tailored around the Sige of Badab Theme, with a lot of firepower, and the Spectral LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and the three RTB01 1st edition Space Marines(with the beefed up 3rd edition bolters). The Terminators got worked in because I was able to cobble together some old models I had on hand. The simple addition of some new bigger bases, turned these guys into some 5th edition 40K pain!  I couldn’t stop myself from buying all of the Legion of the Damned models that came out recently, so I wanted to tie those guys into my first real list for this army. I also have some more models, geared towards Planet Strike. My friend Thomas brought his Chaos Space Marines over to break in my list.  Thankfully he didn’t use Abaddon, or other named character in this battle, just a Sorcerer and a Demon Prince, two 3 man Obliterator squads, three Marine Squads in Rhinos, and ten Terminators.  The mission was seize ground, the deployment was Pitched battle and I had the first turn. There were three objectives so I teamed up a Rhino with a vindicator and positioned each pair toward a separate objective. Continued in Part 2