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BATTLE OF OPTERA PART 10-BADAB WAR PROJECT LOG and some of my other projects

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Almost a year ago I took a break from my BADAB WAR project. It is difficult to start and stop a project. In that time some other elements of the project arrived, namely some more great terrain. I’m finally excited to get back to work on my BATLLE OF OPTERA project. Ultimately I’d like to base lots of fun games and campaigns around this war. For now I’d like to focus on this specific aspect of the concept. I want to complete this project this year Then I’ll move on to some of the many other games and projects I’d like to work on. Since I’ve yet to really finish anything in the last couple of years, this will be a challenge. I will start documenting weekly my progress. For now, I’m re-organizing the elements of the project. I’ll start by finishing off the build-outs of the squads. Then figure out some paint schemes and techniques to use. Due to my lack of time and energy I’ll realistically have for this, and to really get it done this year to the standard I envision, I need to do my home work. I have a general idea of how I want my miniatures to look. I just have to make sure I’m find the techniques to get the best and fastest results. I want to play these games. But I want the miniatures to look stunning. They might be part of a larger force some day, but for now I should take some time on them. I’ll be looking for some advice on PAINTING LAMENTERSSPACE MARINES and PAINTING MINOTAUR SPACE MARINES.20140122_151224  I’ve made a bit of progress of my ICE WORLD TABLE, for use in special scenarios with my SPACE WOLVES, there are some climate themed rules and missions. I have one small section 2’X2″ For my WARLORD SAVAGE NORTH project I started building some of my WOOD ELF army. I’ve had a couple of wood elf projects. I sold one off a few years back, and have found a very cool way to use the WOOD ELF ARMY BOX  from GW about 12 years ago.  I bought it as a gift for my wife to get her into Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Of course I haven’t quite gotten around to painting it!  but I was intrigued by the cover art for the game WARLORD SAVAGE NORTH. In that book are various factions. The TEMBRITHIL WOOD ELVES seemed cool, and the REAPER models are cool. But I figured I could repurpose my GW army for this game, using a winter paint scheme, and play on my Winter/Ice world Battle Board. I also have several other rule-sets in mind the models will be based and built compatibly with. The things I’d like to achieve as a hobbyist are more about collecting ICONIC armies usable in various games, and less and less about specific games and companies. I like to create an army that is usable in more than one game. My next post will have more about the WOOD ELF army project.20140921_181452

Finally I did manage to get some paint on my SISTERS OF BATTLE EXORCICSTS, some more washes and some final details and these should be ready for war!20141118_110257



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Due to ongoing ADULT RESPONSIBILTIES, I have been unable to work on my project. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though! I have made a significant investment in the BATTLE OF OPTERA project. I am fortunate to have the resources to pay for something like this. This year has challenged me in many ways, ways I never thought would all come at me at once sometimes. Some are good, some are bad. Just life. My life has been just work, lately, with a little break around the end of March for EMERALD CITY COMIC CON. I continue to watch as WARHAMMER 40K has changed Editions again! I just can’t see myself trying to keep with the constant changes, unfortunately I just have that kind of free time! If and when I do, it will be on a limited scale. Focus on one army, that I have already. I have other games I’m interested in being able to participate in. And I’d like to start attending and participating in some Conventions, and Tournaments of some kind, again maybe next year. For now I’ll try to finish the new album with my band, continue putting myself in a better financial position to take more time off. I have recently felt the desire to paint up a few squads, I might just paint up some unfinished SPACE WOLVES for my occasional 5th Edition 40K battles with my friend Tom! I’m sure the BATTLE FOR OPTERA project will see some work soon! Until then!

Battle of Optera Part 9

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20140331_202024I’m currently on vacation, and getting ready for the EMERALD CITY COMIC CON, here in Seattle. My wife and I have a WORLDMARK RESORT called the Camlin, two blocks from the WASHINGTON STATE CONVENTION CENTER(where the main Show is held). I worked at the CONVENTION for 8 years, so I know my way around. And parking will be tough, unless you’re there early. And it is expensive.  Nanette and I have a room booked for the week, so we’ll be back and forth a little, before the show starts on Friday. I played a game of WARHAMMER 40K last week, and squeezed out a win with my SPACE WOLVES, against Toms’ CHAOS SPACE MARINES. We played a standard Extermination battle with standard deployment. As we’d hardly get a chance to play, it was fine just doing a real simple points match. The list I wrote beforehand, lent itself better to that kind of battle, anyway. I forgot to take pictures, or take any notes. I had a mobile Mechwolves list, with a Wolf lord and some Wolf guard Terminators in a Landraider Crusader. Two Razorbacks (one with TL Las), a TL Las Predator with Las Sponsons, for a Longfangs squad, and some Power Armor Wolf guard (two with Lightening Claws) two Runepriests, and three Greyhunter squads in Rhinos. Tom had a Demon Prince, some other badass warlord, a bunch of Obliterators, some troops in Rhinos, some Dreads, a Sorcerer, and Some Raptors. We fought it down to the last few men, but I won on points by one, the hero of my Strike force was the Landraider Crusader who withstood withering fire, but mad it intact to the end of the game, my Longfangs performed admirably as well.

I am very near to finishing my MINOTAURS Sternguard squad. Sorting through the bits took some time, and deciding on the look and weapon load out took some thought. Since the scenarios are Infantry Vs. Infantry, I figured the Heavy Bolters would be a fun choice on my squad. The Sgt. is armed with a Power Axe, and Plasma pistol. These squads aren’t intended for current meta, pick-up/tournament competition, but easy to use, Strike Forces, for this specific mini-campaign. That saves a lot of head ache when building the squads, relieves any pressure of having a ‘good’ list to play with. I think just playing these games, switching armies, etc. will be fun, as there is less emotional attachment for the players with provided forces, set in a specific situation, and the focus can be on playing, not list building. These armies will be easy to add to, and I have ideas and models on hand. I probably wont work on this squad again until next week, so I’ll just post this W.I.P. shot for now!

Battle of Optera Part 8

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20140318_112118     I was able to take the night off from band rehearsal and started building out my MINOTAURS SPACE MARINE Tactical Squad. I based the Sgt. off of Veteran Sgt. Geryon from IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10. The Tactical Squad is mainly composed of the Mk III Iron Armour variant, with a few swaps here and there. The kits didn’t come with Bolters or weapons, so I’ve cobbled together a flamer, missile launcher and some bolters. As I’m building them, I’m wondering if I should order some bolters for them, or if I’ll have enough on hand. Maybe these guys need a special gun. I wont be gluing them at this time, so I can leave the arms unglued, (just pinned) for now. They look really cool, and I’m trying to add some subtle differences  while building them, and some later details will help distinguish them. This squad will look great with a simple paint job, and the decals. Looking forward to the rain ceasing around here in Seattle, it has been raining for two months. It is driving me crazy! I want to get out side and do some work with my airbrush. I’ve got a lot of models to assemble for now so I’ll try to focus on getting both of the Strike Forces built for this mini Campaign.

Battle of Optera Part 7

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     It is tough to jump back into my project after a month of almost no activity due to being severely ill with a flu like virus, I have cracked open the BADAB WAR Imperial Armour Books and have been inspired to start building out some of the squads for my expanded army lists. I went from 1000 to 1500 points per Strike Force. With the amount of extra bits and parts I have around, I found I could fill out both strike teams with a few upgrades included. I gave the troops more shooting and close combat weapons. I’m mulling the idea of magnetizing the jump packs for switching out for various scenarios and expanded forces for larger battles. It would make it easier and cheaper if I just committed to gluing on jump packs, but it is not hard to find the right size magnets and create the option  to add regular backpacks later so they can ride in transports and be more versatile for the coming years. Since this project came to a halt anyway, why not hold off and do the magnetizing. Just on the packs for now, I don’t want to be to tedious with arm swaps or what ever.

     I found my notes and army lists. I had planned on using mainly Mk II armour variants for my three 5 man MINOTAUR SPACE MARINE Assault Squads with Jump packs. I’ll definitely use the Mk II Jump Packs for these squads for consistency, but I’m not sure about the make up of the squads. When I envisioned using the Forge World Armour Mk variants, I thought about artwork I’d seen in various SPACE MARINE CODEX. Each troop with slightly different combination of armour. Even within the sets there are variations, so to have every MARINE completely unique is very feasible. The individuals and squads will be tied together with iconography, colors and markings and cohesive as a strike force. Perhaps some squads are merely thrown together from remnants, in the case of the LAMENTERS at  least, as they suffer defeat, historically. I’m especially inspired by the graphics in the books, as I feel these are the most recent, and most official representations of this old bit of story, now more fully expanded. I know there are many stories to tell in this framework. Starting with The Battle of Optera I’d like to extrapolate on the themes in some short stories and ultimately official novels. If that might ever happen, it is an idea much inspired by STAR WARS and THE CLONE WARS series and back story.

My first MINOTAUR is inspired by Assault Leader Isskar a Veteran Brother credited with the capture of the SUSPIRIS LOX. More on that later, but I recreated him as a Sgt. for one of my MINOTAUR Assault Squads. He’s armed with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. Maybe I’ll create a model for all of the pictured MARINES to represent the individuality of the Squads within the strike force. This is definitely the fun part, kit bashing all of the sets I purchased for this project, and the nice selection of bits I had on hand to create a diverse collection of unique models for this Campaign. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I have started on a much smaller scale than I had originally been inspired to recreate, but certainly a significant bit of work. And a great foundation to inspire some of my friends, who could easily assemble at least one Strike Force to participate in the Battle of Optera Campaign!20140313_07280320140313_072630 Or some other battle or scenario in this Campaign setting.

Battle of Optera PART 6

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     Feeling much better now, so I can fill in some of the details of the CAMPAIGN. I have some new war-game terrain for some SPACE HULK/ZONE MORTALIS type skirmishes. I have been wanting to have a LAMENTERS/BLOOD ANGELS army for years.  The Battle of Optera offers a chance to run the Blood in the Void rules and scenarios as a Campaign representing the fall of the LAMENTERS at the end of IMPERIAL ARMOUR Volume 9, at the Battle of Optera. The MINOTAURS are the main adversary it seems for these battles, so cool, some MINOTAURS it is! This was kind of a FANTASY PROJECT, I’ve wanted to do for years, but hadn’t narrowed done how. I wanted armies in the ‘official’ new color schemes. I’m no longer worried about using them for whatever the current rules edition would be. We’d be playing on my table, what rules I decide!  People show up and play. Me or each other, and I’ll GM the battles.

Back when I first read issue #101 of the WHITE DWARF, there was mainly MK VI Armour, so I went for that theme with STAR PHANTOMS, when the FORGE WORLD Armour sets for II-VI came out, I knew I wanted some of those! So I finally broke down and ordered some sets I thought would fit in with this project. More on those later as I complete more squads! I decided I would build two brand new 1000 point infantry based strike forces for these scenarios, armies that could  be easily expanded for with transports and tanks for bigger battles. I ordered about what I needed plus a few extra. After all was said and done, with a few bits I had, and some unit upgrades and reshuffling, I’ll be building two 1500 point armies just for this campaign! Can’t wait till spring so I can start working the airbrush a bit! So for the armies, I’ve kept it fairly simple, as I’d like to be able to include casual gamers as well, so each force has a couple HQ’s with a few special rules, some assault squads, an elite choice, a Tactical squad and a Terminator squad. I plan to keep the Paintjobs nice and simple where possible, not looking for awards, just a fun project. More when I’ve done something!

Battle of Optera Part 5 MALAKIM PHOROS

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Due to being under the weather, and trying to finish writing an album with my band, I have not been able to work on my project. I did, however complete work on an HQ unit for my LAMENTERS SPACE MARINES, Malakim Phoros. He is the LAMENTERS chapter Master, known as the Lord of Ruin. He is believed to have been slain in the final battles of Optera aboard the Battle Barge, DAUGHTER OF TEMPESTS. Ultimately I’ve come to believe that WARHAMMER 40K is best presented in a somewhat focused format, not necessarily for balance purposes, it is just too expensive to serve as a Pokémon style catch em’20140205_130132 all type game trying to stay ‘competitive’. Malakim is armed with an INFERNO PISTOL and GLAIVE ENCARMINE. His rules demoralize his opponents and his rules strengthen his fellows resolve.