Wood Elf Project Fall/Winter 2014

Posted in Armies with tags , , , , on November 7, 2014 by doublek666

Taking a break from my two main projects: 1)Battle Of Optera 2)Sisters of Battle Both 40K related, and I have playable armies for that game. Over the last decade or so I have been collecting a lot of models and projects. I also have acquired a decent collection of rules sets.  There have been many years of amazing miniatures released from a variety of sources. I have a project that I have been wanting to do for many years, and was waiting until I really had a clear idea of how I wanted to do it. I purchased an army box for the WOOD ELVES back in WARHAMMER ‘s 7th Edition. The intent was to have an army that my I could maybe interest my wife in an be a part of my hobby. That idea never went away, I just had a lot of other ideas. I haven’t completed any big projects in a while. I have acquired some additional Elf models and can incorporate some of them in to some war bands and armies. I have 2 armies (HIGH ELVES, ORCS and GOBLINS) for WARHAMMER already. I will base the WOOD ELVES in such a way as to be able to field war bands, armies and factions for several different games. This project is mainly inspired by the game WARLORD:SAVAGE NORTH. One of the factions is the TEMBRITHIL WOOD ELVES. I had decided to paint my REALM OF BATTLE BOARD a snow theme. I have 1 square done, I thought I’d put together a couple of demo armies and start learning the rules. The game requires 25mm bases for standard troops. And has some other basing standards. I decided I would look at some of my other rule sets to see how I could best build and base the models for use in a variety of games. The games I have considered: WARLORD:SAVAGE NORTH ARMIES OF ARCANA CHIPCO FANTASY RULES FANTASY WARRIORS DWARF WARS KINGS OF WAR Kings of War most likely has this army on 20mm bases, as does WARHAMMER. So technically those two are out. And Chipco’s uses element style basing with multiple figures, similar to HORDES OF THE THINGS, so maybe those games can share models/bases, I have the HOTT bases for two 25mm armies. I have written lists for WARLORD and ARCANA systems. I’ll look at the FANTASY WARRIORS and DWARF WARS rules again. I’m certain that they had 25mm basing standards. I’ll look at the lists. Keeping those 4 rule sets in mind, I’ll construct the basis of the wood elves army. Based on the most common units I’ll utilize the bulk of my WOOD ELF COLLECTION. I can then add more specialized units that might require different basing, or aren’t common to every ARMY LIST. I will also collect some terrain that would suit scenarios set on a snow table. I have some WHITE DWARF issues with the paint schemes I’ll be drawing inspiration from. I have ordered some special bases for this project. I have most of what I need for the majority of the units I have, and may need to locate a few different sizes for some units down the road. I have a small project to kick off the bigger army project. No need to go all out just yet. The small war band will be a good chance to try out the paint scheme, and develop a quicker painting plan for the whole army. I have some painting DVD’s exploring some different techniques I’d like to try out, so this small project will be a good chance to that. I haven’t decided on an opposing force for my TEMBRITHIL war band. KARGIR (BLACK ORCS, KNOLLS AND OGRES), KRAGMAR DWARVES, ICINGSTEAD (GIANTS and TROLLS) are possibilities. WARLORD: SAVAGE NORTH has a very unique army, and I really think it would be fun to collect. The BLOODSTONE GNOMES. They are the most original race I’ve seen in a FANTASY MINATURES game. They have an unusual paint scheme and back ground. At some point I’d might try and collect a force of them for some games. For now I want to utilize the models I have for a variety of games. The gnomes would only really work for the one game. I’d probably make sure I really like the game first. It would be cool to be able to participate in some tournaments like at REAPER-CON some day! So I might make that army some day. But I have plenty of other armies to work on for now!