STAR PHANTOMS;Building the first 2000 points


Dragon Forge Sanctuary series 

Drop Pod, Legion of the Damned, Fortress of Redmption
future additons, and projects
    Space Wolves

  1. Space Wolves 3/22/11

    After several years of planning, collecting, hunting on E-bay, long weeks of deliberation on color scheme/chapter, a little play testing, I’ve finally got what I think will be a fun, playable list for my Space Marines army. I’ve mainly played with my Space Wolves army seen in the case, for the last few years , with an occasional spin with the Space Marine Codex. And the Dark Angels, are still playable, as I have a decent Angels of Retribution army, nicely painted. With the release of Imperial Armour Volumes 9 and 10, I’ve been motivated to get a playable list on the field. I usually don’t play an unpainted army, but I want to start playing this list and will paint as I go.  The color

Sisters of Battle

Built and ready for paint

scheme in the new book is close to my Angels of Retribution. I already painted about 40 guys with dark grey/light grey and  turquoise blue scheme, and will stick to that. The original WHITE DWARF article in 1988, featured alternate campaign and camoflauge paint schemes for the armies. It is not too much of a stretch, to say that my battle force has some sort of nigh-time camofluage, or campaign alternative. I liked the Bell of Lost Souls campaign , and hope to play in Austin, Texas, one day. I’ve played a few times with my band, so hopefully I’ll get to play this army  there one day. As mentioned ion a previous post, my paint scheme was a fan created and chosen on a poll on BoLS, so it is a tribute to that campaign book. I’ll be using the new books of course, but will pay tribute to some of those ideas in my armies. there are expanded ideas in areas not touched on elsewhere, as well as obvious conflicts, as they are not congruent.

    I was able to finalize this first list, with the addition of two Vindicators, to pack some punch, or at least intimidate and distract the enemy. Thes two siege machines fit well into the story line, The siege of Badab prime, the Battle at the Palace of Thorns. They will also be fun for use in Planet Strike, crushing or defending bastions, driving through craters and blasting anything within 24″! My goals for the year include painting up my Planet Strike terrain. I also have more units for the Star Phantoms. But I’m currently building my Sisters of Battle. I finally decided I’d just order the bases I wanted and get this project off the ground. I wanted to wait at least three months before I bought anything this year, and worked on some things I had for my Space Wolves, and played that army. I finally decided to get the bases I needed and the two vehicles for the Space Marine army to get two armies on the table. Since the Space Marines are partially painted, I’ll finish up the first 2,000 ponits first. Then I’ll take some time to do these Siters of Battle justice. I recieved my Dragon Forge Santuary series bases, and they are perfect for this army, adding  some great pose opportunites, and a little height to this older range of models. I still need to build my classic Exorcists, after I base these squads to get my first 2,000 points on the table. I figure they will fit fine in a Badab War campaign, as  Imperial gaurdians of a sacred shrine containing an item once given to the founders of a planet in the Badab system, caught in the cross-fire of the war.


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